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Contents | 1. Introduction | 2. Qualitative | 3. Quantitative | 4. Software tools | 5. Resources

5. Resources

Social research methods

A basic textbook in social research methods:

Rick H. Hoyle, Monica J. Harris, Charles M. Judd
Research Methods in Social Relations. Wadsworth Publishing; 7th edition (2001)

Qualitative research

Norman K Denzin and Yvonna S Lincoln (ed). Handbook of Qualitative Research Firth Edition. Sage Publications 2018. (992+ pages)

Patton, Michael Quinn. Qualitative Evaluation and Research Methods, 4th Edition Sage Publications, Beverly Hills, London, 2015 (806+)


A useful statistics text book is available in the Internet:

Statsoft's Electronic Statistics Textbook

A useful practical guide to multivariate statistics is:

Barbara G. Tabachnick and Linda S. Fidell. Using Multivariate Statistics. Sixth Edition. Pearson 2013 (970+ pages)

Statistical software

Appropriate software is essential for data analysis.

For quantitative analysis

Hearne Scientific Software has a wide variety of Statistics Software Demonstration versions are available for download.

Stafsoft's Statistica is a very comprehensive and usable statistics package.

For qualitative analysis

For analysis of text documents and other qualitative data NVivo(10)  is a very useful package from QSR.

Practical pointers

People working in small community organisations often need practical pointers. Here are some Australian books people in community organisations have found useful.

Wadsworth, Yoland. Everyday Evaluation on the Run, 3rd Edition , Allen & Unwin 2011. (215pp)

This introduction to program evaluation is written for people working in the human services field. It describes a range of strategies that can be used by non-specialist evaluators and shows how evaluation can be built into busy everyday practice.

Wadsworth, Yoland. Do It Yourself Social Research, 3rd Edition, Allen & Unwin, 2011 (203pp)

This book is a useful companion to Everyday evaluation on the run. It includes practical help on strategies such as questionnaires.