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Contents | 1. Introduction | 2.Steps | 3.Table of contents | 4. Formats and examples | 5. Resources

6. Internet Resources

The following are some starting points for Internet resources.

Policy Manuals

CRC Sample Organisational Manual

A wide variety of policy examples can be found in the Sample Carer respite Centre Organisational Manual and Support Materials. This manual is especially useful for the service process examples. It does not include human resource and management and administration policies.

The full Sample Organisational Manual and support materials is available here in Word, WordPercfect and PDF formats.

NCOSS Sample Policy and Procedures Manual for Management and Governance.

This Sample Manual from the NCOSS Management Support Unit has sections that include:
1. Governance and Management
2. Stakeholder Relationships and Services
3. Human Resources Management
4. Financial Management and Administration

NCOSS Sample Manual for Management and Governance

Policy Papers, Circulars, etc

Government departments often have policies on particular issues, for example Child Protection, Aids, Infections Diseases, etc. Government Department policies and publications are a useful source of information when preparing policies on specific issues. Some starting points are:

NSW Health Publications

Department of Health and Ageing Publications

Department of Community Services Partners

Specific topics

There are lots of resources on the web for specific policy topics, eg, child protection, occupational health and safety, privacy, etc

NSW Health Policy and Procedure Manuals

Policy software

Maus Software has released an Australian software program to help organisations develop policy manuals.

The policy format it uses includes:

A product overview is here.