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Contents | 1. Essence | 2. Frameworks | 3. Skills | 4. Process ideas | 5. Resources

3. Skills checklist

How do you rate your communication and process skills:

  • Listening to what individuals are saying
  • Asking open-ended questions
  • Being non-judgemental
  • Understanding body language
  • Giving recognition to participants (eg use their names)
  • Understanding individual differences
  • Tuning in to what individuals are feeling
  • Organising ideas
  • Paraphrasing
  • Reviewing what is happening in the group
  • Providing feedback about what is happening in the group
  • Dealing with difficult behaviours
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Creating opportunities for dialogue
  • Understanding the processes people go through in dealing with change

How do you rate your facilitation practice:

  • Clarifying the purpose of the meeting
  • Developing agendas and designing the overall processes for the meeting/workshop
  • Creating a safe environment
  • Ensuring people understand the process
  • Ensuring people participate
  • Ensuring participants work on their issues and their concerns
  • Evening power relations - ie, democratic processes
  • Staying on track
  • Staying on time
  • Re-conceptualising so it is possible to feed back to the group what has been said in a way that make sense of all the emerging pieces
  • Keeping the group working on real issues
  • Ensuring commitment to action (when appropriate)

Do you have activities you can use for:

  • Introducing people
  • Organising seating appropriately
  • Getting people to share their experiences
  • Generating ideas
  • Organising ideas
  • Setting priorities
  • Identifying core values
  • Developing a statement of purpose
  • Developing consensus
  • Group decision making