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Contents | 1. Essence | 2. Frameworks | 3. Skills | 4. Process ideas | 5. Resources

5. Resources

Some useful manuals and books are:

The Facilitation Skills Training Kit, Leslie Bendaly, McGraw Hill 2000

The kit has two Parts

Part 1 Group Process Facilitation skills has 13 modules including:

  • Introduction to the Basic Responsibilities of a Facilitator
  • Techniques for Generating, Collecting and Organising Ideas
  • The Facilitation Map
  • Dealing with difficult behaviours
  • Decision making tools
  • Creating dialogue
  • Dealing with conflict

Part 2 Team Facilitation Skills has seven modules including:

  • Starting up a new team
  • Identifying and managing critical success factors
  • Identifying core values
  • developing a mission statement

Facilitation Made Easy, Practical Tips to Improve Meetings and Workshops, Esther Cameron, Kogan Page Second edition 2001.

This is a practical introduction to the skills needed when running a facilitated workshop. There are 10 chapters

1. Introducing Facilitation
2. The Psychology of groups
3. Planning a facilitated workshop
4. Running a facilitated workshop
5. The workshop environment
6. What to do afterwards
7. Other issues surrounding the use of workshops
8. Word case studies
9. Special case workshops
10. The facilitator's complete checklist

Some other useful books are:

Type Talk at Work,Otto Kroeger with Janer M. Thuesen, Tilden Press Book, 2002

Gifts differing Understanding Personality Type, Isabel Briggs Myers with Peter B Myers 1980, Davies-Black Publishing 1995